Simon L. Freedman

Postdoctoral Fellow at the NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology

Tech M438

Northwestern University

Evanston, IL 60208

I am a computational biophysicist interested in how collective molecular behavior yields complex biological phenomena. I attained a Physics Ph.D. at University of Chicago in 2018 (advisor: Aaron Dinner) studying cytokseletal networks and am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University working with Madhav Mani to understand the dynamics of embryonic and tissue development. I aim to lead a research group that uses physics, math, and computation to solve problems that are fundamental to basic biology and critical for public health.

Here’s a recent talk I gave at the APS March Meeting!

selected publications

  1. Revealing cell-fate bifurcations from transcriptomic trajectories of hematopoiesis
    Freedman, Simon L., Xu, Bingxian, Goyal, Sidhartha, and Mani, Madhav
    bioRxiv 2021
  2. A versatile framework for simulating the dynamic mechanical structure of cytoskeletal networks
    Freedman, Simon L, Banerjee, Shiladitya, Hocky, Glen M, and Dinner, Aaron R
    Biophysical journal 2017